Is it possible to give direct instructions to the Inspector?

Yes it is, through the online Checklists feature which allows you to create your own lists of Instructions and Defects for each of your products. Your instructions are transferred straight to the Inspector who is asked to focus his attention on during the Inspection.

You can easily manage your Checklists database from the tab "Checklists" of your online account.

Is it necessary to re-input the same factory's details at every booking?

No it is not. If the factory is already in your factory database, you just need to click

and select it from the list. You can easily update your factory details from the tab "Factories" of your online account.

Is it possible to include several products in the same order?

Yes, if you have a running production of several products ready for Inspection on the same day in the same factory.

To do so, input your order for the first product, and click

. You will then receive a separate Report for each added Product, at a cost of US$ 30 if no additional Man-Day is needed (2 Reports max per Man-Day).

How do you retrieve specifications from a previous order?

Should you wish to retrieve the information of a previous order, click

and select an order that you have already placed (useful for example if you release many orders on the same product or with the same factory during the year).

Order modification / cancellation

Is it possible to update an order that has already been confirmed?

Yes it is, until 4pm China Time the day before and it is free of charge.

You can edit your pending orders from the "Orders" tab of your account, by clicking the button

at the bottom of the booking form.

Remark: If your order is for an Inspection on several products, you can perfectly cancel only one product without cancelling the whole order.

Can I cancel an order?

Yes you can , until 4pm China Time the day before the Inspection and it is free of charge.

If you need to do so, select the relevant order in the table "Orders", click the button

and input the reason for the cancellation. Please also refer to AsiaInspection Terms and Conditions of Services regarding this matter.

Payment / Pricing

How do you pay for an order?

Once you have confirmed the pricing, you can pay for your order (as well as for other pending orders unpaid if any) online with Paypal / Credit Card.
Should you want to pay later (by transfer (T/T) or online), a +5% extra charge will be applied to your order pricing.

Once the payment is completed, you will be re-directed to your AsiaInspection account, and you will receive a payment confirmation email from PayPal.

- Orders paid online are subject to the payment of Paypal processing fees, according to AI Terms & Conditions.
- At any moment, you can consult the "Pay Bills" tab of your account to consult your pending unpaid orders and settle them online.

How is the pricing calculated?

At the end of your order, you will be able to review the pricing.

In case of an Inspection, the AsiaInspection online pricing system calculates the number of pieces to be randomly selected and checked, and the number of Man-Days needed to complete the Inspection according to the selected sampling level.
You can adjust the sampling level and thus reduce/increase the number of pieces to check, which may impact the Inspection pricing.


How and when are reports available?

Once the order is completed, you receive the detailed Report in PDF by email (80 % of them the same day as the Inspection).

In the meantime, you can go to your account, check your online Report and approve / reject your production.

How do approve / reject the production online?

From the "Reports" tab of your online account, you can select a Report and click

based on the Inspector's findings.

If you approve the production, AsiaInspection will send an email to your supplier informing them that they can ship your goods. If you reject the production, you will need to liaise directly with your supplier to decide further actions to take, including possible re-Inspection.

Can I get a list of all my previous inspections / reports?

From the tab "Reports" of your online account, you can click the link "Export your Inspection Reports listing". This will open a pop-up window with the list of all your previous Inspections, that you can easily copy and paste into Excel or a similar software.

Can other people receive automatically a specific Report without receiving the full email correspondance?

Yes, if you input their email addresses at the beginning of your booking and select the option "Send only the Report"

How do you forward a report?

From the "Reports" tab of your online account, you can select one or several Reports and click

to send the Report to up to 5 email addresses (colleagues, clients, factory, vendor, ...).

How do you print a report?

On each Report, a "See Report" link gives you access to a printable version (PDF). Please note that opening the printable PDF version might take some time, depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

How do you archive reports?

From the "Reports" tab of your online account, you can select one or several Reports and click

to transfer them to the "Archive" tab. We keep Reports history of 6 months in your account. Older Reports are available on demand.


What is the best way to communicate with AsiaInspection's back-office?

The Message Center located on the left side of your online account allows you to contact our teams anytime. We reply your question within 24 hours.

How do you modify personal details?

On your online account, you can access and update your personal details from the "Profile" tab. Please note that you will need to contact AsiaInspection to change your login name.

What types of products does AsiaInspection inspect?

AsiaInspection is expert in a wide range of product lines, from textile and garments to electronics, toys, automotive, houseware, building materials, lighting etc...