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News su AsiaInspection

April 7, 2016>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q2 Barometer: New Trade Directions Emerge, While Forced Labor and Structural Risks Plague Global Supply Chains

The year 2016 begins with shifts in global trade, ongoing quality issues, and a host of ethical challenges: from structural risks accompanying expansion in Egypt, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, to skyrocketing forced labor problems in Turkey.

Jan 7, 2016>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q1 Barometer: 2015 Ends with Exploding Hoverboards and Growing Ethical Concerns

China still in the spotlight for product safety, ethical issues abound in new sourcing regions and environmental impact is moving up the supply chain priority list.

July 8, 2015>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q3 Barometer: Southeast Asia Sees Staggering Growth, Food Violations Continue

While the economy of China may be growing at its slowest pace in six years, global brands are readily expanding their supply chains to other low-cost destinations in Asia.

April 7, 2015>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q2 Barometer: 68 Million Children Forced to Work, Death at Work Every 15 Seconds

The ILO published that every 15 seconds someone dies as a result of an occupational accident or disease. Congruent with what seems to be a sharp rise in global awareness on ethical sourcing issues, AsiaInspection saw ethical audits demand increase by 65% year over year.

January 14, 2015>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q1 Barometer: Cheap Labor Came at a High Price in 2014

Increased global supply chain transparency in 2014 revealed shocking statistics on the number of forced and child laborers worldwide, while workers across Asia faced consistently hazardous Health & Safety conditions.

October 8, 2014>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q4 Barometer: China Food Scandals Hit New Highs

China had one of its worst quarters ever for food scares, with major international brands caught up in an expired meat scandal and a food inspection failure rate over 50%. In Bangladesh, exports continue to grow despite factory closures and worsening audit scores.

July 10, 2014>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q2 Barometer: Riots, Strikes and 200,000 Toxic Products

Despite a quarter that saw riots in Vietnam, protests in China, and a toxic dye scandal, Asian manufacturing showed promising and consistent growth. Meanwhile, Africa is performing well and India has ascended to No.2 in global textile exports.

April 8, 2014>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q1 Barometer: China - This Dragon Isn’t Sleeping

Due to Chinese New Year seasonality, February export figures plummeted 18% compared with 2013. The media has been reporting that the Chinese economy is on the brink of slowdown. What isn’t mentioned is that China continues to be the dominant sourcing region by sheer volume.

January 14, 2014>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q4 Barometer: The Year of Social Accountability in the Supply Chain?

2013 was a challenging year for brands and retailers worldwide in the face of increasing supply chain social issues, most notably the Rana Plaza tragedy, where a Bangladesh factory collapse took the lives of 1,129 people.

October 4th, 2013>Press Release

AsiaInspection Q3 Barometer: Asia’s Shifting Supply Chain – When Chasing Lower Costs Sacrifices Safety

Since the Rana Plaza Factory collapse in April 2013, AsiaInspection figures show a +52% increase in Factory Accountability Audits throughout Asia for Q3 2013 compared to Q3 2012 and a +167% spike in Bangladesh.

September 27th, 2013>Press Release

AsiaInspection Mobile App: Now Manage Your Supply Chain on the Go!

AI announces the launch of its mobile application, allowing inspections, audits and lab tests to be ordered from smartphones and tablets. The AI App will allow brands, retailers and importers to secure their imports from the convenience of their mobile device.

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February, 2015


AsiaInspection's CEO Sebastien Breteau discusses food safety issues in China with Bloomberg's Rishaad Salamat.

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January, 2015


AI speaks to CNN regarding food production standards and safety in China.

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January, 2015

South China Morning Post

The SCMP interviews AI about our latest findings on Chinese food safety.

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December, 2014

South China Morning Post

AI discussed with the SCMP the ongoing manufacturing shift in China and Southeast Asia.

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August, 2014

New York Times

AsiaInspection CEO Sebastien Breteau discusses recent food safety scandals with the New York Times.

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July, 2014

la Repubblica

Mobili, vestiti, detersivi e giocattoli: quei veleni che si nascondono in casa

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July, 2014

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal discusses changing manufacturing audit (MA) trends in China, citing AI CEO Sebastien Breteau.

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May, 2014

Industry Watch

Industry Watch discusses the challenges of auditing with AsiaInspection CEO Sebastien Breteau.

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May, 2014

Wall Street Journal

A Wall Street Journal study using AI data shows that factories in Bangladesh remain a dangerous place to work.

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April 28, 2014

The Economist

AsiaInspection CEO Sebastien Breteau has been vocal on the state of factory conditions in Bangladesh. The Economist writes about the need for ongoing inspections in Bangladesh citing the latest data from AI.

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